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Preparing for the Journey

My elementary school teacher took her class on a virtual (before the term virtual was used) trip around the world where I experienced an African elephant sitting on the vehicle ahead of us, kissing the hand of the Pope, camel-backing to the Great Pyramids of Giza, and fighting enemy forces along the Great Wall. Before the trip, she prepared us with roles, shots, and passports. While others were doctors, flight attendants (female only job then), and immigration bureaucrats, I took on the Ambassador role and threw all the great parties.

Just so, I must prepare for the journey of creating an Enterprise Architecture from a body of knowledge. Although the map is developed through the best practices and failures of many colleagues, I must tailor my journey to the mission of my trip and account for changes in the landscape, politics, and demographics since the map was drawn. Thankfully, shots are not required. Instead, the preparation involves organizing thoughts, clarifying terms, and motivating the effort to travel. A vacation in San Diego or Maui is more than enough motivation to pack a bag. But the creation journey involves more work, less relaxation, and a less defined destination. Think like God for a moment, such an effort that took a day to recuperate. Or not. Yeah, that's why He gets paid the big bucks.

So psych yourself up. Here we go, getting prepared...

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