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The Journey is the Destination

When you visit New England during autumn, you know you're there for the journey. In fact, the journey is the destination. Fancy finding a t-shirt that said exactly that during my trip in the fall of 2010, displayed neatly at an Olde Mystic Shoppe. The colors in the trees, outcrops of rock, stone walls planted by farmers, and sunsets from vistas high above ocean-bound rivers spark images of days long past when early settlers endured their journey to the New World. Indeed there were harsh winters, diseases, and few supplies, yet they stayed for the land and the freedom it provided.

As with them, so it is with us. We start projects with hopes of eventual rewards, knowing there will be challenges, hardship, and unanticipated risks. Some people live within projects, such as project managers, consultants, and many automation developers. They are on a perpetual journey; their destinations only product waypoints along the path. Such road warriors lead others with their methodology as a map, experience their compass, and development tools the means by which they travel. When asked, these people set course to where the organization tells them, unconcerned about where they will end up. Project oriented folks are experts on the journey. They find and manage the risks, steer clear of hostile territory, while driving the team toward goals and objectives.

Plimouth Village is one of the places government began to take root in the New World. Although half the population perished in the first few years of the settlement, pilgrims lasted chaos and certain self-destruction through unified governance of their principles, survival approach, and sense of community. They adapted to each season, developed coping strategies from lessons learned, and helped each other as needed. Each person specialized in trades essential to establishing their colony, such as child rearing, farming, and fishing. They were a team!

We all travel with the pilgrims on their journey today. Our nations, cultures, and customs never reach a destination and stagnate. We keep moving on in time, evolving and adapting as we go. We continue their journey as our children will after us. America's product is a great experiment in liberty through democracy. Governance is not the product, but the means by which the product is developed and delivered by people. Hence, President Lincoln's phrase, "Of the people, by the people, and for the people..." People govern and it is people that deliver.

Whether an automation project creates a product that is sold on store shelves or used by an organization internally, the product must be developed and delivered to add any value. Product Development is the governance process that accomplishes change. Delivery and management of change makes it real. Governance is where we start on our journey and for some (e.g., project managers), it is their destination.

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