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Architecture Body of Knowledge ™ Launch

I search for lost artifacts from antiquity during my archeological expeditions, piecing together where we've been to develop hope and meaning about where we are heading. The pyramids at Giza are old, large, testaments in time for what humans can achieve. At Moody Gardens in Galveston, there are glass pyramids that contrast the same architectural style using two disparate sets of materials. It is the old and the new, merged together to remind us of where we've been and where we are going. They form the cover of the Architecture Body of Knowledge™.

The new electronic book is now available in multiple reader platforms, such as Amazon® Kindle™, Barnes and Noble® nook™, and Apple® iBooks™ in the iTunes™ store.

Put this manual into the glove box of your cube and refer to it when the vehicle acts up or a warning light pops on. It is a map, a manual, a guide for those embarking on an automation journey. Ask for help when you need it: Architunity® LLC and Architecture Body of Knowledge™.

Bon Voyage!

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