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Temporal Causality

Was I abducted? That would explain time flying at exolight speed. The particles got ahead of the waves due to filaments in the fabric. Once dampened out, particles were lost without their waves and no longer flew straight. Indeed, they were curved, not only in trajectory, but in form. They'd become strings.

Here now, pause for the usual thought. Why venture into this coffer of whit and mind bending thoughts. Sit and explore your options. Baies take time. They cause a lot of time. And one is on the horizon, waiting to pounce upon the silk of my pasture. I'm becoming a grandfather. Pirate ships and a equestrian sunset ride is all that separates the cause of time - birth.

And as the father asserts his paternity, I am thrust into a causality loop controlled by time. Were I able to break it, Ejected at nearly the speed of light, I am old and staying younger. Yet, I still manage to always end restarting the paternity role again. Here it goes again..

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